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Frenquently Asked  Questions 

2. How much does an E-foil Board cost? 

A complete board is $12,000.00 . We carry stock at our Miami facility. There are 4 sizes available and 3 colors to choose from. We suggest riding one with us first, in order to decide which model is the perfect fit for you! 

1. Do you offer Lift E-foil Free Demos ? 


We offer a "Money Back Program".

Simply book your first private lesson on our website  and should you decide to purchase a Lift E-foil upon your lesson trial, we will refund your money towards your purchase. 

Our lesson pricing can be found on our Lesson page. 

Mini Cunha

Mini Cunha is an expert paddle boarder, diver, surfer, boat captain  and e-foiler. Growing up in Rio, Mini surfed most of her life and she began her career as a professional paddle board racer in Miami about 10 years ago. She now spends most of her time fishing and diving when not ripping on the e-foil boards.

Paula Ambrosio

Originally from Brasil, Paula has lived in Miami for over 20 years , she speaks 3 languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish) in addition to teaching foiling, her certifications are:   

Certified Kiteboard Instructor

 Naui Scuba Diver & avid Free Diver

Open Water lifeguard

6 pack Licensed Boat Captain 

Joseph Prieto 

Joseph is a certified kiteboard instructor, who is passionate about foiling ! He spends most of his time on perfecting his style. He kite foils, foil surfs and wing foil as well . Joseph is currently studying to be a pilot.  

3. How do I order a board ? 

Many of our customers prefer to come in personally to our Miami store location. We carry inventory in stock, but should you want a different color/model , we can special order one for you. It usually takes 5 business days for shipping. We can arrange to have them delivered directly to your home address and as preferred customer of E-foilUSA, we'll come and assemble it for you as well. 

4. Can I travel with my battery? 

Batteries can be directly shipped from our manufacturer to your address. Commercial flight companies will not transport a battery . Please keep this in mind when placing your order. 

5. Does my E-foil Lift board offer any warranty? 


Yes. A one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, https://liftfoils.comefoil-warranty/


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