Meet our Team 

Nikki Aixala

E-foil Instructor

Nikki is a UM student , he enjoys foiling around Key Biscayne during his free time. Nikki is an avid boater and spear fishermen .

He's also 6'1" and can carry any board over his shoulder. 

Spanish / English

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Joseph Prieto 

E-foil - Wing Foil - Kitesurfing

Drone & Photography


Joseph is the everything man !

A Cabrinha team rider , Joseph is one of the best free style kiters in Miami. He's also a great instructor and teaches  all foiling disciplines and let's not forget he's also equally talented behind the lenses. Book one of our drone packages for a chance to be featured in one of his videos. 


IKO certified Instructor 

Spanish / English 


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Meet The Team

So  why choose E-FoilUSA as your school ? 

E-foilUSA is a local small business dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers. 


We live in Miami and we play in Miami. We know this area better than anyone, we understand wind and weather. Our instructors are professionals in the industry and we take our job seriously. Safety will always be our number one priority.  

At E-foilUSA we view you like you are part of our family and we want to share our passion for the sports and our knowledge with you. We promise you'll love this new journey of becoming a foiler and we will  guide you along the way !


We are also highly focused on giving back to our community and have recently partnered with the Cabrinha Team and the Estuary Beans and Barley  for the New Found Freedom Project.


The NFF is Non-Profit organization dedicated to teaching watersports to individuals with unique disabilities. Team EfoilUSA has been present  in  all 3 chapters aiding in instruction as well as equipment. 


 Check out some of our New Found Freedom chapters :  

Paula Ambrosio

Founder of EfoillUSA

Kite- Wing- Efoil 

Originally from Brasil , Paula has been a kite instructor for over 10 years .

Her passion for watersports goes beyond e-foils : 


Scuba Certified 

Open water Lifeguard 

6 pack Boat Captain 

CPR / First Aid

Lift Foil Repairman 

Portuguese/ Spanish / English 

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Chris Castano

Kite - Wing - E-foil 

When not traveling the world , Chris shares his time between kiting and mountain biking. Always chasing the perfect conditions you can find him in a beach near you throwing some smooth tricks. We aren't sure if its the vegan diet but the guy is also in amazing shape. 

IKO Certified Instructor 

Spanish / English 

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