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The New Takuma E-tow

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Double battery

The eTow is using 2 batteries which are compatible with your Takuma Efoil.



Twin jet propulsion

The eTow is powered by two jet propulsions unified in a V jet system. The powerful V jet system delivers an extremely smooth and consistent pull even at high speed. Coupled with an innovative aqua dynamic shape, the eTow delivers the best progressive and efficient foil take-off.



Autonomy & Speed

The eTow is designed to give you full autonomy from 60 to 85 minutes And up to 45km/h.


Bluetooth remote connection: Up to 600m with rider remote control (and up to 1,5km with compatible remote)


Power: Double jet propulsion. Power 2x5,5kw


Dimensions: 175 x 68 x 61 cm


Weight without batteries: 50kg


Weight with batteries: 75kg

• 1x eTow watercraft

• 1x Remote control

• 1x Remote charger

• 2x 35A batteries

• 2x Battery chargers

• 1x Tow rope

• 1x Trolley with secure straps


The New LIFT3 F e-foil 


Meet the newest member of our family and enjoy endless rides starting at $9,995.


The LIFT3 F features a proprietary fiberglass blend – tiny strands of fiberglass melted down into an ultra-sturdy material, crafted by Lift’s engineers into the perfect aerodynamic shape for hydrofoiling.

This new form factor offers a stable ride that newer riders and families will greatly appreciate. The new LIFT3 F features our signature 28” carbon fiber mast, and our efficient carbon fiber front wings and back wings.

Use Code:  EF2020_118

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