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Wing Foiling In  Miami 

What is Wing Foiling ? 


Wing Foiling or Wing Surfing is a fairly new sport and it combines sailing knowledge with foiling ( board) skills. Unlike the e-foil which uses an electric motor to propel the board, in this case the rider creates the speed by harnessing the wind by means of using his "sail" or wing , generating enough momentum to create lift and bring his board out of the water . 

How difficult is wing foiling ? 

Like any sport, there's a learning curve to wing foiling . It is more physically challenging than e-foiling but easier to learn than kiting. We teach students of all ages ( kids- adults) and the success rate is high. Most of our students come from no wind sports backgrounds. One should consider buying a package of hours to properly learn the basics and progress. 

How long are the lessons? 

Our classes are 2 hours long. You can choose to do more ( 3 hours) but we encourage our students to book 2 hour segments. Lesson packages are offered online. All classes are private ( you and your instructor) unless you'd like to share your session with a friend. 

Does the E-foil lesson help with the Wing progression? 


We have a higher rate of success with students who have had  previous experience foiling first. The e-foil although different will aid with the board skills . The foundation of foiling is the same and the information transfers to wing foil board . 

What equipment does the school use? 

We teach on Cabrinha wings , boards and foils. Our school offers beginner - advanced level riding and gear . We will start you on a beginner friendly board with enough volume and introduce our students to more advanced gear as they progress. We also provide our students with life vests and helmets. We highly encourage you bring your own wetsuit , shoes and whatever we'll keep you comfortable during your 2 hours on the water. 

What is needed to book a lesson? 

We need a decent forecast to teach wing foiling lessons as well as adequate wind direction. If you book your lesson online and the wind isn't ideal , we'll make sure to call you and reschedule it for a more suitable day. We are open for business 7 days a week and we teach according to the weather. 

How can I plan or book  ahead ?

We rely on wind forecast apps to schedule our bookings. Some of our favorite apps are WindGuru, IKitesurf or Windfinder. Make sure to set the location to Miami so that you are getting our local forecast. 

Once I learn, where can I buy the gear ? 

At Adventure Sports Miami our  local partners . They carry a wide stock of boards, wings and foils as well as all the gear you'll need such as life vests, water shoes, helmets and a wetsuit. They offer 3 convenient locations are you'll immediately receive a discount for being a loyal customer of ours. 

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