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Kids Foiling Summer Camp

As we wrap up another fantastic summer in Miami, we couldn't be more thrilled to share a few clips of this year's foiling summer camp.

EfoilUSA hosted a 5 week foiling specific program for campers age 6-15 years old.

Our weekly mini camps were packed with information, riding time and fun times on the water. We met daily at our center located in the heart of Coconut Grove, at the US Sailing Center.

From our center we launched from our coach boat and headed towards the beautiful islands and waters of the Biscayne Bay.

We had ideal conditions to host wing foiling ( winging/ windsurfing) lessons, as well as enough wind to fly a trainer kite . Our campers had a lot of fun learning how to fly a wing and were soon introduced to their first steps of wing foiling.

Non windy days were also very well received as it gave everyone the opportunity to try different styles of boards.The most anticipated portion of each day was riding the e-foils, which is always a crowd pleaser. Our campers and even our mascot Tajin, had plenty of riding time .

If you would like to have your kids learn more about the sport of foiling and its different disciplines, be sure to reach out for next year's program and sign up for a any of our weekly camps.

Our classes are small as we like to keep the integrity of the program and teaching methods to a high standard . Our coaching ratio is 1:3 and our team is ready to bring you into the world of foiling.

See you next year !

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