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Miami's First and Only Foiling Summer Camp is back !

Summer is upon us and choosing the right summer camp activity might be on your radar ... Are you looking for a water, fun and friendly summer camp where your kids get to enjoy learning something new?

Why not introduce them to a new sport ? Hydrofoiling or most commonly referred to as "foiling" is the latest and fastest growing sport.

Our weekly watersports camp focuses on specific disciplines of foiling which will introduce the young campers to foiling in a fun and safe way where they will be able to progress and decide which of the disciplines they like most.

Our camp is for kids ages 7 through 15 years old. We offer weekly camps and we keep it to a small number as to give everyone the best experience possible.

During the weekly camps , they will learn how to foil on the electric e-foils first, progressing into the tow foiling or surf foiling behind the boat. On windy days we will then introduce our campers to wing foiling and other activities such as kite flying and kitesurfing.

Your kids will not want to miss this unique opportunity !!

Be sure to call us and find out how to register today. Spaces are limited , so don't wait until the last minute!

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