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The New E-tow has finally arrived !

EfoilUSA is excited to announce we have received the brand new Takuma e-tow in stock !

We couldn't be more thrilled to share our school will now be the official site for lessons and sales of the Takuma e-tow . Foiling has never been so fun and accessible.

Be sure to come check us out and book your first foil session on the e-tow !

We've taken this new device out for a spin and here are our first impressions :

It is fun and easy to drive it !

The e-tow is a self-controlled towing watercraft. The remote control allows you to steer it and change the speed setting to your own preference. Also the rider can steer by means of riding . The e-tow is intuitive and understands the input from the rider.

It handles any type of body water !

You can ride the e-tow in any body of water, and conditions. From flat water to ocean swells the e-tow is capable of towing you into waves and then come back to you !

Easy set Up!

The e-tow is super simple to set up. It operates on two Takuma Lithium batteries ( same batteries can be used with the Takuma e-foil) . Connecting the batteries is very easy. Rope and handle are included , and so is the e-cart which allows you to easily move the e-tow through any kind of terrain. The E-remote is chargeable and Takuma has partnered with BBtalkin Intercom system for the technology.

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