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Wing Foiling in Miami

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

By now you have probably heard or seen wing foiling or wing surfing, either in person or on social media. "Winging" is an emerging sport and its grabbing the attention of veteran sailors and new water sports enthusiasts.

So what is this wing foiling anyway ?

Wing foiling is a combination between sailing, windsurfing and surfing while using a foil board. Foiling has revolutionized our industry , changing the way we kite, windsurf sail and surf. Wingfoiling is its own category and it is growing fast in numbers. I have seen a large number of windsurfers converting to wing foiling as well as paddle boarders trying it for the first time. Wing is very appealing and accessible to people of all ages. It requires minimum set up, it's easy to break down and fairly easy to learn giving the proper training .

Most first time sailors will prefer to go on a SUP board for the first time, to understand how to fly the wing. This is an easy way to introduce non sailors to the sport. After a few times on the paddle board, the progression requires a high volume foil board which will accommodate the rider's weigh and allow them to stand up. Unlike a paddle board, the foil board is technically easier to sail upwind, but it requires time on the water and understanding of wind and flying skills.

We recommend you try it on a beginner friendly zone for the first time. Avoid a beach brake and pounding waves to make your experience and fun and safe one. There are a few great spots in Miami we recommend that are beginner friendly and easy to launch from.

We also encourage beginners to take lessons as to understand the sport and also not purchase gear which would be inadequate for their progression.

If you would like to learn more about winging, stop by our shop or give us a call so that we can guide you through your experience !

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